Final conference
“Museum Communicator”

21th September 2012 - 9.30
l’Università “La Sapienza”, Via dei Volsci, 122 Roma.

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The  “Museum Communicator” project has been presented at the Career Day of the Hospitality

The "Museum Communicator" Project  has been presented on April 15th 2011 in  Naples, at the seat of the University “Suor Orsola Benincasa”. The event took place on the occasion of the Career Day of the Hospitality, an innovative formula for the meeting of job demand and supply, specifically  devoted to the tourism in the Naples Province.

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First Transnational Workshop


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“Museum Communicator” (Mu.Com.) is a training Project focused on the development of a professional figure, the Museum Communicator,  that is becoming strategic both inside the Museums and the cultural associations managing museums. In fact, to that figure it is submitted the success of the impact, on the public, of the initiatives proposed by a Museum and the effectiveness in creating networks among the actors and the local resources.
The training Project is addressed to two kinds of subjects: adults employed in Museums needing to develop specific competences in the field of communication, and young people accessing the labour market, that need a strong initial training in order to answer to the actual challenges of a peculiar market as that of the “cultural enterprise" is.


The Project proposes a course based on an innovative methodology that will use the ITC and educational tools specifically tailored, pointed out by a network constituted by prestigious Museums and educational Institutions from four different countries (Italy, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Romania).  The course will allow users to acquire high-level standard competences internationally recognised in the frame of the Project partnership, training-retraining professionals able to elaborate strategies and to point out effective techniques for communicating with the large audience, with the mass media and with the networks of territorial actors.

Sapienza Università di Roma Sede delle “Vetrerie Sciarra”
Via dei Volsci, 122 – Roma 21 SEPTEMBER 2012
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2nd  Transnational Workshop - 9 March 2012
Venue: Centrul de Reuniune Academica al ULBS Sibiu RO
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download Marco Merlini - Irene Salerno :COURSE FINAL TUNING AND SCHEDULE
download Nicola Boccella: Course evaluation and validation by the Students of the University La Sapienza
download Marco Merlini: “Next months steps: activities and expected outcomes”
download Cosmin Suciu, Raluca Teodorescu, Laura ColtofeanEvaluation in Romania: findings and results; lessons learned Introducing the course participants in Romania (target, number, Institution)
download International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza: Proposal of an event
download International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza
Presentation of operators from Museum, Universities and Institutions
download OAKE Associates Evaluation in the UK lessons learnt

First Transnational Workshop Rome, 3 - 4 February 2011
Venue: CIDEM - Aula seminari e tesi (aula T) “Vetrerie Sciarra” Via dei Volsci, 122 - Rome
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download Mr. Nicola Boccella - CIDEM -
Welcoming the participants and introducing the project (italian version)
download Ms. Renata Imbruglia - CIDEM -
Welcoming the participants and introducing the project (english version)
download Mr. Marco Merlini - EUROINNOVANET - Project general presentation
download Mr. Marco Merlini - EUROINNOVANET - Materials concerning the Peer Review method
download Ms. Monica Gori - MIC -
Presentation of the "Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza"
download Mr. Cosmin Suciu - UNIVERSITY LUCIAN BLAGA SIBIU - Training needs and perspectives for communicating inside museums:the contribution to the MU.COM Project
download Ms. Raluca Maria Teodorescu and Anamaria Tudorie - BRUKENTHAL MUSEUM - presentation of the activities of the "Brukenthal Museum"
download Ms. Miroslava Taskova - JORDAN IVANOV MUSEUM - Training Needs and Perspectives for Communicating inside the Museum: the Contribution to the MU.COM. Project for the Development of the “Museum Communicator”
download Mr. Bill Fryer and Mr. Dave Tynan - OAKE ASSOCIATION - Presentation of OAKE ASSOCIATION
download Ms. Irene Salerno - CIDEM - Swot Analysis based on questionnaires outcomes is presenting the results of the comparative analysis
download Mr. Giuseppe Metitiero - CIDEM - Project financial rules
download Mr. Vincenzo Leone - TRUST - Project website and project graphic design
download Ms. Irene Salerno - CIDEM - Project overview on next 6 months activities



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